100% organic honey from LA's finest bees

About Feral Honey & Bee

Feral Honey is collected by feral bees living in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. These bees forage up to three miles around their home, collecting whatever is in bloom. Each batch of honey, therefore, has a distinct flavor profile. All are delicious and 100% natural.

Our bee hives are totally chemical-free and treatment-free. Virtually all commercial beekeepers use pesticides and other chemicals on their bees to fight off mites and diseases. However, much like the overuse of antibiotics in cattle, this only encourages the growth of stronger pathogens and the survival of weak bees. The so-called "colony collapse disorder" seen everywhere in the news media primarily affects commercial beekeepers who apply these chemical treatments on their hives and bees.

Meanwhile, feral bees, left to manage themselves, are thriving.

All of our bees were originally captured as swarms in our local neighborhood. None are the products of industrial breeding or commercial apiculture.

We subscribe to the principles of Backwards Beekeeping: a return to hands-off beekeeping, letting natural selection do the work that gave us bees in the first place at least 14 million years ago. Nature gives us strong, healthy, smaller and more resilient bees that are well-adapted to our local climate and food sources.

We harvest our honey in small batches, allowing the bees to keep plenty for themselves to ensure their survival through the lean months of the year (typically October through February in Los Angeles).

Feral Honey is never heated or filtered. We cut comb from the hives, crush it, strain it, and jar it. Simple.

Enjoy the best that LA's Finest Bees have to offer!

-Russell Bates and Amy Seidenwurm